Your manufacturing expertise infused into Artificial Intelligence,
without the complexities of Data Science

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Predictive Analytics Digital Twin
Root Cause Analysis

Accurate and actionable insights for operational teams


Implement process-based AI for accurate insights

To pinpoint root causes of problems and predict the next disruptive event, you must account for your specific manufacturing process, assets, and contextual data.

Using visual modeling tools, we integrate your manufacturing processes and data flows into machine learning – without requiring you to master data science. The result: unmatched accuracy of insights.


Send alerts and insights to teams on the ground for immediate corrective action

To solve production line issues, data should be both available and relevant to teams on the factory floor.

Seebo automatically translates data from your production processes into intuitive, visual and actionable insights – delivered to operators and shift managers; quality control, maintenance, and process engineers; and management.

Seebo vs. Generic Manufacturing Intelligence Tools

Protecting production yield AND quality Digital twin, automated root cause analysis, and predictive analytics.All in one.
Protecting production yield AND qualityDigital twin, automatic root cause analysis, and predictive analytics.all in one.