Reduce Waste, Increase Margins.

Keeping production losses to a minimum is key to running a profitable manufacturing facility.

Seebo predicts and prevents production waste by identifying areas of loss and prescribing focused actions that reduce product defects and inefficiencies. The solution employs predictive analytics and automated root cause analysis to anticipate process failures that yield wastage.

Then, using predictive simulation, process engineers test production parameters until set points are determined for optimized quality and throughput.

Take action against production waste in 4 steps:


current production performance


excessive waste


the cause of waste issues


causes for waste and rework

STEP 01:
Monitor current production performance

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Accurately monitoring the right production parameters is critical in order to get an accurate measure of your overall equipment effectiveness KPIs.

Seebo collects and aggregates data from PLCs, and historian systems on the production line to be analyzed within the context of the manufacturing process.

Seebo’s digital twin provides real-time visualization of your production line’s performance, as the basis for actionable waste insight.

STEP 02:
Predict excessive waste levels

Applying machine learning on the data from STEP 1, Seebo’s process-based predictive analytics are employed, allowing you to:

  • Predict peaks in production waste
  • Predict deviations in specific production parameters that affect waste

STEP 03:
Analyze the cause of waste issues

The cause of excessive waste can often be too difficult and time consuming to pinpoint.

Using automated root cause analysis, the Seebo platform gets to the source of even the most convoluted production issues.

Root causes are surfaces and prioritized for investigation, together with historical data of similar past events as supporting information.

STEP 04:
Prevent causes for waste and rework

Determine the optimal set points for control parameters that will minimize production waste.

With Seebo, experimentation is risk-free. Predictive simulation avoids the need to change actual machine settings. Values can be adjusted in the digital twin until the desired waste levels are reached.

With precise knowledge about the root cause of production issues, set points verified through simulation are applied to the physical manufacturing system for improved performance and significant waste reduction.

Take action with production optimization and waste reduction

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