Smart Travel Products

Constant connectivity on the go is no longer just a dream. Seebo technology offers students and business travelers alike ways to connect with their travel gear they’d never before imagined – and now can’t live without.

Smart Travel Product Concepts

Smart Hiking Equipment

Heated Insoles. Inventory tracking. Anti-theft alarms. Distance and speed…

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Smart Gear Management | Seebo - Development Platform for Smart Products

Smart Gear Management

Make gear management easier. Smart photography gear makes sure professionals…

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Smart headlamp concept - Seebo IoT Platform for Smart Products

Smart Headlamp Concept

With power management, smart system integration, GPS tracking and accident…

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Smart flashlight concept - Seebo, the IoT Platform for smart products

Smart Flashlight Concept

GPS tracking. Power management. Automated accident detection and alert. With…

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smart water bottle concept

Smart Water Bottle

Every athlete and sports enthusiast knows the importance of staying hydrated.…

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Concept Page Hydration Pack

Calculate your suggested and person hydration goal based on your personal data,…

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smart cooler concept

Concept Page Cooler

Maximize your outdoors experience with the Smart Cooler which  lights up when…

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Smart School Backpack

A smart school backpack takes care of safety and organization so kids can focus…

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Smart tripod concept - Seebo: The IoT Platform for smart products

Smart Tripod Concept

Seebo’s smart tripod is a complete photographer’s assistant – and it’s…

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Concept Page Wallet

Seebo’s smart wallet is a real team player – making sure it’s always…

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Concept Page Casual Bag

Seebo’s technology makes casual bags smarter, more dynamic, and more connected…

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Smart suitcase concept - smart lock, anti-theft alarm, weight sensors, and more.

Smart Suitcase Concept

Seebo’s technology makes business travel more secure, more efficient, and more…

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Concept Page Lock

Seebo’s smartlock steps up and simplifies security, and it’s fully…

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