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Today’s athletes and fans expect more from their sports equipment. Seebo’s technology creates smart sports gear for a more exciting and interactive athletic experience.

Smart Sports Product Concepts

Smart Gym Weights

Smart Gym Weights

Weightlifting just got a lot more fun. Smart weights gamify the workout by…

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Smart Basketball Hoop

Shot statistics. Automatic scoring. Time keeper. The smart basketball hoop…

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Smart fishing rod concept. Seebo - The development platform for smart products

Smart Fishing Rod

Take fishing to the next level. The smart fishing rod detects when…

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Smart bike lock concept - Seebo, the development platform for smart products

Smart Bike Lock

Build the ultimate bike lock. Auto unlock, remote locking and unlocking with…

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Smart baseball bat concept. Seebo - The development platform for smart products

Smart Baseball Bat

Develop a bat that improves swing. The smart baseball bat analyzes the…

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Smart riding helmet for safer horse riding. Seebo - the development platform for smart products

Smart riding helmet

Shock sensors and an emergency response system help fallen riders get quicker…

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Smart Scuba Diving Gear

Make scuba diving a connected sport. With heart rate and blood pressure…

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Smart saddle concept | Seebo - The IoT Platform for Smart Products

Smart Saddle Concept

Make horse riding smarter. The smart saddle gives riders performance feedback,…

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Smart bike helmet concept | Seebo - The IoT Platform for Smart Products

Smart Bike Helmet

Make cycling safer. With crash detection alerts, automatic LED light signaling,…

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smart water bottle concept

Smart Sports Bottle

The Smart Sports Bottle helps you stay hydrated quickly and easily, all the…

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smart weightlifting gloves concept

Smart Weightlifting Gloves

Improve your weight lifting by using the Smart Weight Lifting Gloves to build a…

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smart bike concept

Smart Bike Concept

Get ahead of traffic with the Smart Bike. Keep your bike secure, follow…

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smart mouth guard concept

Smart Mouth Guard

The Smart Mouth Guard keeps your mouth safe and lets you know its location.…

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smart martial arts pad concept

Smart Martial Arts Pad

Perfect your training. Simulate real life combat, monitor the impact of your…

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smart football helmet concept

Smart Helmet

A safer, smarter way to play contact sports. The Smart helmet measures your…

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smart boxing gloves concept

Smart Boxing Gloves

Wear Smart Boxing Gloves for the perfect knockout. Master your jabs and hooks…

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smart kayak concept

Smart Kayak

Keep track of your rowing and stay safer with a smart kayak. Record your stats…

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smart rollerblades skates concept

Smart Rollerblades

Keep track of your performance with Smart Rollerblades. These skates map your…

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Concept Page Running Shoes

Running shoes – Enhance your running experience by mapping your course…

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Concept Page Jump Rope

Smart Jump Rope – Enhance your jump rope experience with smart tracking…

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smart punching bag concept

Smart Punching Bag

Improve your performance. The smart punching bag counts and measures punches,…

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Concept Page Winter Gloves

Smart winter gloves can provide never before available rep, grip, and exertion…

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Concept Page Sport balls

A basketball that keeps score. A football that measures pass distance. A…

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Concept Page Golf Club

The smart golf club tracks swing data like strength, angle, and speed. It maps…

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Smart snowboard and snow boots concept | Seebo - the Development Platform for Smart Products

Smart Snowboard

With a smart snowboard or snow boots, athletes can get precise stats on their…

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smart surfboard concept - Seebo, the development platform for smart products

Concept Page Surfboard

A smart surfboard tracks speed, airtime, distance, and tricks. It suggests the…

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Concept Page Tennis Racket

The smart tennis racket compiles breakthrough data about a player’s swings,…

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Concept Page Skateboard

Skates can know how far they have skated, how many jumps they have made, and…

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Concept Exercise Machine

Make every machine in your line smart so users can chase achievements, compete…

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Concept Page Skis

Smart skis are made smarter by matching perfectly to their user, which allows…

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Smart Yoga Mat

The smart yoga mat gives real-time coaching, tracks user’s skill…

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Concept Page Helmet

The smart motorcycle helmet eliminates blindspots, provides audio and visual…

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Concept Page Swimsuit

With a smart swimsuit, swimmers can access accurate information about their…

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Smart Insoles

Smart Insoles enhance every shoe by providing exceptional comfort, advanced…

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Concept Page Compression Shirt

The smart compression shirt supports a healthy workout while providing…

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Concept Page Yoga Top

The smart yoga top tracks visual stats and physical alignment over time by…

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Concept Page Smart Shorts

Smart athletic shorts give runners, bikers, and other enthusiasts revolutionary…

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