Smart Pet Products

Pets are part of our families and are an integral part of our day-to-day life. Seebo’s technologies keep us even more connected to our pets through GPS collars, live feed cameras, and remote food and treat dispensers.

Smart Pet Product Concepts

Smart saddle concept | Seebo - The IoT Platform for Smart Products

Smart Saddle Concept

Make horse riding smarter. The smart saddle gives riders performance feedback,…

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smart leash concept

Smart Leash

The Smart Leash identifies when it leaves the house and updates the app to keep…

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Smart Cat Feeder

The Smart Cat Feeder has an attached scale to the smart feeding mechanism,…

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Concept Page Dog House

The Smart Dog House allows you to view your dog with a built-in pet cam,…

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Smart Pet Bed Concept

The Smart Pet Bed will track and map out your pet’s sleep patterns, while…

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Concept Page Pet Bowl

Receive information about meal times, eating habits and portion amounts from…

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Smart Fish Tank

Keep your fish happy and your tank clean. The Smart Fish Tank will allow you to…

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Concept Page Smart Cage

The Smart Cage provides your pet with the best conditions possible by allowing…

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Concept Page Pet Door

Operate your pet’s door from a distance, by remotely locking and…

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Concept Page Pet Sitter

The Smart Pet Sitter allows you to see, feed, and play with your pet even when…

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Smart Pet Feeder

The Smart Pet Feeder allows you to control feeding times and food portions from…

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smart collar concept

Smart Collar

The Smart Pet Collar lights up in the dark, which keeps your pet out of harms…

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