Smart Clothing & Wearables

Connected sportswear that gives training tips. Dresses that change color according to the weather. Accessories that direct us to our destinations. Smart clothing and wearables have hit the streets, and more ideas are being explored every day.

Smart Clothing & Wearables Concepts

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses go way beyond vision. Develop connect glasses that take pictures,…

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Concept Page Swimsuit

With a smart swimsuit, swimmers can access accurate information about their…

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Smart Insoles

Smart Insoles enhance every shoe by providing exceptional comfort, advanced…

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Concept Page Compression Shirt

The smart compression shirt supports a healthy workout while providing…

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Concept Page Yoga Top

The smart yoga top tracks visual stats and physical alignment over time by…

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Concept Page Smart Shorts

Smart athletic shorts give runners, bikers, and other enthusiasts revolutionary…

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