Video Recording. Two-way talking. Motion and Noise alerts. The smart baby monitor helps parents keep their baby safe and makes parenting that much easier.

Key Features

  • Video recording – the smart baby monitor connects to an app that lets parents watch their baby day and night.
  • Capture special moments – the smart baby monitor stores up to a month of video recording, so parents can store special moments and share them with family.
  • Nursury Walkie-Talkie – The two-way talk function lets parents talk to their child at any time via the connected app.
  • Motion and Sound sensors – the smart monitor tracks unusual sounds and nighttime motion, then alerts parents via the connected app.
  • Sooth baby to sleep – the smart baby monitor plays soothing music to help baby go to sleep. Parents can prerecord their voices or choose songs via the app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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