Predict when process disturbances will happen

Anticipate manufacturing disruptions leveraging process-based predictive analytics

Know why process disturbances will happen

Get the primary suspects of manufacturing disruptions using automated root cause analysis

Determine how to avoid the process disturbances

Pinpoint the optimal process values using predictive simulation

Predict When

When will your next process disturbance happen?

Translate data into predictive insights without data scientists
Applying industrial predictive analytics can be complex, and requires data analytics specialists. Seebo fuses your production processes, data flows, and your OT and IT data into machine learning – without requiring you to master data science.

At first, users design a digital twin Model of their production line. Then, feature engineering and advanced data analytics are applied in the context of the Model, in order to provide accurate and actionable predictive insights. These insights are delivered within the visual context of the digital twin,  and the production context of the manufacturing processes – accounting for the production flows, raw materials, and products being manufactured.  

The result: a virtual map of your production line that contextualizes predictive alerts, events, and historical data, with unmatched accuracy.

Know Why

Why will your process disturbance happen?

Automated Root Cause Analysis – faster, more reliable results
On the production floor, root cause analysis (RCA) is the systematic process of identifying factors that impact asset availability, product quality, or performance of the production process.

Seebo Production Optimization leverages machine learning techniques of feature importance and interpretation to determine and rank the probable root causes of the predicted process disturbance. Root causes are visualized alongside the production line digital twin, providing full context into the surfaced root causes.

Simulate How

How can you avoid your next process disturbance?

Use Predictive Simulation to determine the optimal production parameters that will prevent the process disturbances
Seebo Production Optimization employs predictive simulation, allowing process engineers to simulate how a production process will behave in different scenarios, and specifically, if the process disturbance will be avoided. Predictive’ simulation enables the user to determine the best-fit values in order to avoid the process disturbance.

Are you experiencing these common production disturbances?

Formation of disturbing factors


Extreme pressure in key assets


Leakages of manufactured product

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