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Seebo Predictive Quality combines your quality management expertise with predictive analytics and machine learning to help you improve production quality and lower production costs.

Seebo Predictive Quality business benefits

ImproveProduct Quality

Leverage machine learning to gain actionable predictive quality insights, without having to master data science

ReduceOperating Costs

Minimize scrap, rework and warranty claims by forecasting and preventing quality issues and avoiding recalls

Improve Asset Utilization& Yield

Reduce quality-related machine downtime by predicting downtime issues and quickly pinpointing their root causes

Make faster, smarter decisions

Empower your teams on the ground with intuitive, prioritized actionable insights and supporting root causes

Shift Managers get instant clarity into production line quality with a personalized dashboard that displays existing and upcoming predictive quality issues.

Operators use operational quality analytics that give visually clear, accurate insight into what needs urgent attention, and what can wait.

Process Engineers  use model-based quality analytics that run on historical data to pinpoint root causes of errors and shorten investigation time.

QA Managers optimize production efficiency with automated anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and digital twin that contextualizes quality issues.

Predictive Quality key features

Seebo Predictive Quality captures your manufacturing and quality control knowhow into a digital model, and then applies process-based industrial AI to generate a digital twin of your production line with predictive quality alerts and their root causes

  • Predictive Quality Modeling and Simulation - Visually map your production processes, OT and IT data sources into a Predictive Quality Model using an intuitive code-free modeling tool - capturing your manufacturing and quality expertise and translating it into a functional simulation of your predictive quality solution.
  • Real-time Operational Visibility - Your Predictive Quality Model is transformed into a digital twin, visualizing quality metrics such as OEE, first pass yield, reject ratio, and takt time alongside the digital model of your process, allowing you to drill down into any asset and its sensors within your production floor to understand its impact on overall quality levels.
  • Predictive Quality Alerts - Eliminate uncertainty, and accelerate quality issue investigations with alerts driven by business rules, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics. Historical and real-time production data is aggregated with your production process flows and machine learning algorithms to deliver better quality control.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis - Seebo Industrial IoT platform quickly pinpoints potential causes for failure, leveraging root cause analysis software that provides recommendations to the production floor team, including rich supportive data driving these recommendations.

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