The Seebo Predictive Maintenance solution - customized to fit your operation

Seebo Predictive Maintenance is a turnkey solution that is easily customized to suit the precise needs of your manufacturing processes.

Powered by the Seebo Industrial IoT platform, the Predictive Maintenance solution is delivered in 8-10 weeks.

From solution modeling and simulation, through to data connectivity, advanced analytics, and data visualization, Seebo provides predictive maintenance tools that impact the bottom line.

Predictive Maintenance solution overview

Leveraging visual, code-free tools for IoT Modeling, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning,
the Seebo Predictive Maintenance platform delivers predictable ROI with unmatched speed-to-value.

Digital Twin Prototype – In just 2 weeks, Seebo provides you with a fully-functional digital twin prototype of your manufacturing process or asset. Using digital twin software, Seebo’s intuitive HMI offers model-based predictive maintenance dashboards and alerts at every level of the digital twin that make it easy to identify performance anomalies and upcoming asset failures.  

Data Acquisition – The Seebo Predictive Maintenance Solution integrates data from your existing PLCs and sensors, as well as from ERP and historian data sources. Additional non-intrusive sensors may be introduced to broaden data collection. Data is securely extracted using OPC UA, or your company’s preferred industrial data connectivity protocol.

Machine Learning and AI – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools are applied to production data to push the boundaries of production floor efficiency. Prognostics models are used to predict metrics such as Remaining Useful Life (RUL) – the amount of time an asset will remain operational before its next failure – while iteratively trialing and selecting the most appropriate algorithms to use.

Predictive Maintenance Dashboards  – Users visualize and analyze the performance of production lines and machines leveraging the solution’s intuitive user interface. Predictive maintenance and quality alerts are provided in the context of the production process – through the digital representation of your manufacturing processes – enabling users to quickly pinpoint the root cause and determine the required maintenance action.

Benefits of Seebo Predictive Maintenance tools

Predictive Maintenance for factories

  • Reduce unplanned downtime with optimized maintenance scheduling and failure prevention.
  • Boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness by optimizing the production conditions of each machine and process.
  • Maximize throughput by identifying process bottlenecks, and testing alternative setups without affecting production.
  • Reduce defects and improve product quality with accurate predictive quality and optimized machine performance.

Predictive Maintenance for OEMs

  • Reduce time-to-repair and cost-to-repair through accurate issue categorization and alerts.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime with optimized maintenance scheduling and failure prevention.
  • Build new revenue streams by providing digital services to customers such as PdM dashboards, optimized maintenance schedules, or a technician dispatch service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by sending customers automated alerts when parts need to be replaced or serviced, strengthening your brand, and keeping a competitive advantage.

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