Industrial IoT Integration

Navigate easily through OT, IT, and process data and reach actionable insights fast

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Focused Industrial IoT Integration

for Manufacturing Intelligence

Navigate easily through OT, IT, and process data and reach actionable insights fast

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Solution-Focused Industrial IoT Integration

Our approach to data integration starts with the business problems you’ve prioritized to solve: condition monitoring, predictive quality, predictive maintenance, or other industry 4.0 initiatives.

Graphically define your IIoT solution by modeling your production line processes, use cases, data sources, and analytics dashboards.

Seebo will generate a digital prototype – a simulation of your solution which validates your solution’s functionality and ensures that all necessary data elements are included. 

Once your digital prototype is approved, Seebo extracts and consolidates the required data into an integrated data repository that will drive your unique solution.

The result? Targeted, solution-focused IoT data integration that includes the precise data you need to solve your business problems.

Integrated OT and IT data for easier insights

Understand OT and IT data in the context of your production processes and batch history.

Machine-generated data by itself is incomplete. Combine that data with IT data from ERP and quality management systems to understand data from your machines in the context of the products produced, the raw materials used, and production quality results.

Add another critical layer of context with production process flows and production recipes, to understand the dependencies and constraints between the machines in the production line relative to the manufacturing recipes.