Seebo Case Study

DuraBrite and Seebo Make Waves with Connected Marine Lighting Solution

About DuraBrite

DuraBrite Lighting Solutions is a leader in high output and high-efficiency LED fixtures for commercial and industrial applications. With fifty years of developing mission critical electronics, DuraBrite delivers innovative, technologically differentiated lighting applications for the most challenging environments on earth.

Industry: Lighting for Marine, Solar, Military and Aerospace industries

Headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey


“The Seebo Platform centralized and simplified the process for us, so we could carry out our IIoT initiatives without sacrificing resources.”

– Dr. Ching Au, CEO of DuraBrite

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The Story

  • DuraBrite Lighting Solutions is a US-based leader in high-efficiency LED fixtures and mission-critical electronics for the space, aerospace, military and marine markets. The company has over fifty years of experience at bringing innovative lighting to commercial and industrial applications.
  • In an industry rapidly moving to connected solutions, DuraBrite wanted to build on its distinctive patented technology to offer customers differentiated, cutting edge technologies and strengthen brand leadership.

The Opportunity

  • DuraBrite saw IoT as an opportunity to gain four key objectives:
    1. Rapidly dominate the market through differentiation and become the number one choice for lighting solutions
    2. Add structure and inject agility into the company’s internal innovation process
    3. Identify the root cause of issues for products in market and see exactly how products are used by customers, to improve adoption
    4. Provide differentiated value to customers through added safety features and increased efficiency
  • Completely new to the world of planning and developing connected solutions, DuraBrite needed to find a lean method for successfully bringing Industry 4.0-ready products to market.

The Solution

Agile Industry 4.0 with the Seebo Platform

  • DuraBrite used the Seebo platform to visually model concepts and narrowed them down to a final product, which will include a range of features from remote control and monitoring, to motion recognition for improved security, responsiveness to surroundings and energy saving capabilities. 
  • The product team continues to ideate new connected concepts and use cases through the platform
  • The product team used the Seebo IoT Modeler to create a detailed ‘graphical spec’ of the product, covering: hardware device, sensors, firmware, software, connectivity, and security. The IoT model includes requirements for the physical and digital components of the system, and the use cases and logic of the system behavior.
  • The Seebo platform automatically generates a virtual prototype per each version of the IoT Model, which DuraBrite uses to communicate the concept and use cases to internal stakeholders and customers. 
  • Durabrite also uses the virtual prototype to validate the logic and completeness of the product spec and iterate where needed.
  • DuraBrite expedited the search for pre-vetted suppliers and experts through the Seebo IoT Marketplace. Durabrite compares the quotes on an apples-to-apples basis and selects those partners that provide the most economical and technically sound solutions.
  • The partners have controlled visibility into the IoT model, and use the platform to communicate technical feedback, and provide costing in a structured manner.
  • Using the platform, DuraBrite designed the sensors integration to ensure technical feasibility, and broke down the costs to determine that the project was financially sound.

The Seebo platform centralized and simplified the IIoT development process for us – from concept to market.  We could deliver our IIoT initiatives without sacrificing attention to our primary workload.”

– Dr. Ching Au, CEO of DuraBrite

An advanced Industrial IoT system – and a boost to the internal innovation process

  • DuraBrite is currently rolling out physical prototypes for testing ahead of mass production.
  • Once on the market, behavior analytics from the Seebo platform will enable the company to view how users engage with the product and identify necessary points for improvement.
  • The result: Through the Seebo platform, DuraBrite built a center of excellence and developed the methodologies to continually innovate with IIoT across its product lines. 
  • DuraBrite can now transform the product development process and take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by Industry 4.0.