This smart walkers grows with babies, automatically adjusting its height with every use, and it gives parents cutting edge data on their child’s progress and development.

Key Features

  • Child Development Data – The app shows how much a child interacts with different features of the walker, such as the phone, turning elements, and buttons, so parents can track their baby’s interests and developments over time.
  • Custom Sounds – Set the smart walker to play a child’s favorite song when they move to encourage them, or parents can record their own voices to cheer their baby on even if they’re far away.
  • Smart Wheels – The wheels track how much a baby walks each day and over time, so parents can track their child’s progress on their phones.
  • Self-Learning – The smart walker can sense when a child is standing or walking and record the information on the app.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment – The walker automatically adjusts itself to the exact height that’s most comfortable for the child, so it grows as the baby does.

It’s Fully Customizable

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