Only a smart stroller can lock its wheels when unattended, monitor a child’s breathing, and soothe baby to sleep with music straight from parents’ phones. Meet the smart jogging stroller.

Smart stroller and smart jogging stroller concept | Seebo

Key Features

  • Built-in Thermometer – Measures the baby’s environment and alerts the parent when it’s too hot   or cold, suggesting adjustments or sunshades as needed.
  • Smart Wheels – Auto-locking smart wheels will only move if there are hands on the handlebar, making sure the smart jogging stroller can never roll away from parents
  • Breathing Monitor –  The smart stroller alerts parents if there’s any trouble and tracks the data right into their phones, making it easy to see and share with the family doctor.
  • Keep babies safe on the go – A smart clip keeps babies belted in, or can be easily disengaged with a tap of the app.
  • Speakers – Choose from a variety of soothing songs and sounds to play on the smart stroller right through the app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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