A smart crib reports a child’s movement, breathing, and sleep cycles right to parents’ phones, providing invaluable health data and helping families get a good night’s rest.

Key Features

  • Motion Monitor – Changing posture during sleep is healthiest for babies, and the smart crib’s motion sensors detect babies’ movements, making sure they sleep safely.
  • Speakers – Parents can speak to and soothe their baby to sleep without even needing to enter the room – so no waking the baby as they try to sneak out again!
  • Breathing Monitor – Alerts parents if there’s any trouble, and tracks the data right into their phones, making it easy to see and share with the family doctor.
  • Built-in Mobile – With several soothing music options and changing colored lights, the built-in mobile can be programmed and controlled from the smart-app, wherever the parents are in the house.
  • Microphone – Parents can hear and track their baby through their phones via the in-crib microphone, eliminating the need for an additional monitor.

It’s Fully Customizable

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