With a breathing monitor, sleep cycle tracker, and built in two-way audio connection, a smart baby mattress could be the end of sleepless nights for babies – and their parents.

Key Features

  • Breathing Monitor – The smart baby mattress senses if a baby has trouble breathing and alerts parents. All data collected is stored in the app, making it easy to see and share with the family doctor.
  • Sleep Cycle Tracker – Parents can check whether their baby is asleep from their smartphone. The smart baby mattress also measures the amount babies sleep and records their sleep patterns, giving concerned parents a wealth of insight on their baby. This data can be easily compared with national averages or shared through the app with doctors.
  • Two-way Audio Connection – Parents can hear and track their baby through their phones via the built-in microphone, or speak to their baby from any room in the house. They can even play soothing music and sounds with a tap of the app.
  • Built-in Thermometer – The smart baby mattress tracks the temperature in baby’s room and sends an alert via the app if it is higher or lower than the desired range set by parents. This data can also be compared to baby’s sleep patterns to see what sleeping environment is preferred by the baby.

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