The Predictive Quality & Yield Solution

Leading manufacturers use Seebo to predict and prevent quality, yield and waste losses. 

Seebo Process-Based Artificial Intelligence™  is designed to solve complicated process inefficiencies – revealing the hidden causes and recommending the right actions. 

By providing production teams with ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence, continuous process mastership becomes a reality.

With Seebo your team knows:

  1. Why process inefficiencies happen, using Automated Root Cause Analysis;
  2. How to prevent process inefficiencies, using Predictive Recommendations
  3. When to act, using Proactive Alerts.

Seebo customers include leading manufacturers across multiple industries, like Barilla, Nestle, Mondelez, PepsiCo, Allnex and Volkswagen Group. Seebo is backed by Viola Ventures, Ofek Ventures, Vertex Ventures and TPY Capital.

Tel Aviv

8 Yitzhak Sadeh St., Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: +972-73-272-5188


Great ideas are brought to life by strong teams. Seebo boasts a talented and experienced team of top professionals, who are leading the way towards making our world connected. They are the chains at the core of Seebo’s DNA: product designers, software and firmware engineers, manufacturing and hardware integration, business development and marketing professionals. Mix in a culture of passion, creativity, innovation, commitment and fun, and that’s how Seebo creates the magic that brings Industry 4.0 solutions to life.