Delivering Laser-Focused Industry 4.0 Solutions

Our solutions make it easy for manufacturers to cut downtime, boost production yield, and minimize product faults.

Seebo is an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform with laser-focused business solutions that ‘move the needle’ for manufacturers in 3-months or less.

Powered by the Seebo IoT development platform, Seebo solutions are easily customized using visual, code-free tools for IoT Modeling, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning. The result: unmatched speed-to-market and predictable ROI.

Leading companies worldwide – including Grundfos, Stanley, Procter & Gamble, Ralph Lauren, and many more – use Seebo to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), minimize maintenance costs, and continually improve quality. Reach out to learn more about Seebo or get a free demo.

San Francisco

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Great ideas are brought to life by strong teams. Seebo boasts a talented and experienced team of top professionals, who are leading the way towards making our world connected. They are the chains at the core of Seebo’s DNA: product designers, software and firmware engineers, manufacturing and hardware integration, business development and marketing professionals. Mix in a culture of passion, creativity, innovation, commitment and fun, and that’s how Seebo creates the magic that brings Industry 4.0 solutions to life.