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Infuse your manufacturing expertise into machine learning

Infuse your manufacturing expertise into machine learning

Digital Twin Analytics
Get complete visibility into your production line to quickly uncover and resolve performance issues, using intuitive digital twin analytics and dashboards. Get a free digital twin prototype in just two weeks.

Manufacturing Anomaly Detection
Identify quality and downtime deviations before they occur using automated anomaly alerts. Get real-time insight into manufacturing processes and assets to improve OEE.

Automated Root Cause Analysis
Quickly pinpoint the primary suspects for quality and downtime problems.

Predictive Analytics
Anticipate and prevent quality and downtime problems to maximize throughput, improve production quality, and reach operational excellence.

Modeling & Simulation
Get simple and accurate insights to your operational team by capturing and visualizing your production processes on the Seebo Modeling and SImulation tool.

Delivering Better Business Outcomes with Seebo Solutions

Seebo Predictive Quality

Anticipate production quality issues before they happen, and get automated suggestions for root cause of issues to increase first pass yield and reduce scrap

Seebo Predictive Maintenance

Minimize unplanned downtime of your key assets to increase production throughput, reduce maintenance costs, and increase remaining useful life

Seebo Digital Twin

Increase visibility into operational health and performance to reduce risk, boost throughput, and empower decision making across the factory floor

Simple and accurate insights for operational teams

Production Operators & Shift managers

  • Get a customized functional line view
  • Improve shift efficiency
  • Speed up reaction time
  • Use simple & accurate data insights

Maintenance and quality managers

  • Accurate Root Cause Analysis
  • Predict quality & downtime problems
  • Efficient quality control
  • Just-in-time maintenance

Factory engineers

  • Solve problems quickly & easily
  • Prevent future problems
  • Automate root cause analysis
  • Predict parts failure

Factory leadership

  • Reduce maintenance & quality operation costs
  • Improve overall efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve lead times
  • Avoid cost of recalls